Weird Punks Collection

Oct 17, 2021

1 min read

The Weird Punks DAO is live

Weird Punks DAO is ready. The Weird Punks DAO members can now put their proposals and vote using the native WEIRD token at

Any Weird Punk owner/holder is a member of the Weird Punks DAO. The members can claim 1 WEIRD Token every day for each Weird Punk NFT they hold. The DAO members need a minimum of 60 WEIRD tokens to cast vote. The voting happens on the Polygon network to avoid high gas fees.

The Weird Punks Collection holds 1000 unique NFT. The final Weird Punk was minted on 22nd September 2021 and the collection was complete. The collection holds assets minted both on the Ethereum and the Polygon networks. Further information on the utility of the tokens and the governance structure of the DAO will be published on the website shortly.

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