Weird Punks Migration from Opensea, Bridging to Main net, & the Expansion Weird Punks

  1. WEIRD Token Claim
  2. Bridging to Ethereum main net

More information on how to migrate and bridge to main net will be published soon.

1.Migration from Opensea: We are both on main net & polygon currently. So as per the community vote to migrate from the Opensea contract, we are finally ready to migrate from Opensea (both chains). See the vote results by the Weird Punks DAO below

There’s no rush to migrate. You can wait to migrate wherever it suits you once the contract is deployed, as there are usual Eth gas fees involved when moving to Ethereum main net.

2. WEIRD Token Claim: We also want to encourage people to migrate sooner rather than later so that they can begin claiming tokens. As we are doing the WEIRD token claim right after migration, assuming most of the Weird punks and active community members have migrated to the main net by then. We have a new collection coming out very soon that is purchasable only using the WEIRD tokens (more on this later!).

3. Bridging to Ethereum main net: Weird punks currently live on both the Polygon chain and the Ethereum chain. With the new ‘bridging to main net’ contract, Weird punks would be able to move between Eth main net and the Polygon network. The way it works is that you allow the new contract to burn your Weird punk token and mint a new one.

It’s done with a two-step process: an approval and a mint. Enter your Weird punk number in the form; it will burn the old token and give you a new ERC-721 replica after the approval.

Finally Expansion Weird Punks: However, all these plans regarding the expansion weird punks are yet to be decided by the Weird punks DAO. The Expansion Weird Punks, all with yellow background starting from number 1001+ and go up to 2000.

As far as the development of the new smart contract goes, the migration part of the contract is complete. The Token Claim part is done. And the bridging from the layer-2 to the main net is the last bit that is being tested at the moment. Once it is tested fine and audited to be ok, we can deploy the contracts.

More information on how to migrate and bridge to main net will be published soon once the new contract is deployed.



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Weird Punks Collection

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